Who We Are

“We the People” is a North Carolina based organization comprised of American citizens from many parts the United States. Our founding and core members share common values creating a bond between us: Our love for God, our families, our country and our freedoms. Our members share a passionate willingness and commitment to preserving and protecting the inalienable rights of all United States citizens.  

We are an organization of peaceful yet vigilant men and women. We are law abiding and we support law enforcement. We back the U.S. Military and we support the U.S. Government but we will not allow government over-reach nor any form of tyrannical control or dictatorship in our country.  

We the People believe in preserving the U.S. Constitution as it was drafted and signed by our Founding Fathers. 


It is our mission to serve as a central hub in a network of individual patriotic Americans and small or large Patriot organizations who will join “the cause”. 

Our intention, with this network, (the cause) is to amass all Americans who are willing to stand and fight against the social, Corporate and governmental manipulations being used to promote and empower Communist rule in the United States. To form a nationwide allegiance with:  All those willing to fight against domestic terrorism that falsely presents itself in the form of “social justice” and to actively prevent their destruction in our communities. Those who will boldly oppose and put an end to the indoctrination of our children into the acceptance of Socialism/Communism in public schools. The people who will valiantly fight against all forms of tyrannical governing and all those Americans who will sternly oppose all mandates by officials that impose on our rights as human beings and citizens of the United States under the Constitution. 

Our mission is to also provide our core members and allies with all of the skill sets they need to survive and thrive in any tough situation, brought forth by nature or government, in order to protect their families and fellow Americans. 


We strongly support the 1st Amendment.

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” 

Benjamin Franklin

We are free-thinking people who are not bound to identity politics like so many others today. Our members find solutions vs. silent unwanted solitude by openly and freely sharing their concerns for this country with other members. We enjoy a rare forum here that allows discussion of political topics with decorum and empathy and without being chastised, ridiculed, silenced or cancelled. However, this forum is not a mainstream media echo chamber. We seek to challenge deceptive narratives and collectivist ideas. Unfortunately, these are often presented as fact by the mainstream media. Given that media and news in the U.S. is often controlled by 6 mega corporations, we have to seek truth elsewhere. 

We the People Federation will occasionally attend events or protests to exercise our freedom of speech. We must show those who oppose us we will not be silenced and that we consist of numerous people with the courage to stand our ground and fight back when necessary.   

Politically speaking, the Conservative and Constitutionalist values most of our members hold dear are in an opposing balance with moderate Liberal ideologies but are in striking opposition to far-left movements due to the deception used to push those narratives. Checks and balances are necessary in any form of Government but radicalized agendas and behaviors are detrimental to not only the countries of the world but to all societies in general. 

We are not far-right nor are we far-left. We are not “radical”, “racist” or “conspiracy theorists”. We are simply concerned American citizens of all skin colors, from various regions, with diverse experiences and backgrounds, who are willing and ready to fight to preserve this great nation of ours. 

With much diligent research by our members, we seek to support and elect the Political Candidates who hold the Constitution sacred and who will not be swayed by corporations, the status quo or special interest groups/movements with malicious intentions for our Republic. Officials we choose to elect must

put the United States and the American citizens at the very top of their priorities. 

We strongly support the 2nd Amendment. 

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

U.S. Constitution Amendment II

“Today we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily lives and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. 

John F. Kennedy


We empower our members and allies with insightful education on the Constitution, the useful knowledge of history, awareness of current events, comprehension of current laws, and the sheer confidence (of our Founding Fathers) necessary to defeat our opposition in social, corporate and political arenas.

We have NO membership fees or dues. 

We are all volunteers.  

We are an organization that has a structure based on equality but we do have a council and we have core members who volunteer to hold leadership positions when those positions are available. We thrive to stay organized and operate under and according to a set of bylaws that were created and agreed upon by our founding members. 

All of our applicants are vetted before their approval for membership to help ensure that every prospective member is a good fit with our organization. Everyone who joins us are like family to us so we practice cohesion by showing respect and using kindness amongst our family.

We offer private forums or other public forums to communicate with other members as well as sharing certain links of information with the general public.

We provide and maintain an Events Calendar to help keep all members and our allied groups up to date on planned events. 

We also offer   (the fun stuff)


We hold occasional “meet and greets” or cookouts for all members and their immediate family members to get to know each other. Kids are usually welcome. Fun for all ages.  


Our Core Members host occasional Field Training Exercises (FTXs) that consist of a chosen training exercise or multiple exercises. FTXs are typically overnight outdoor events and will often consist of 2 nights of camping. 

Offered training at FTXs:

  • Fundamental Survival Skills  –  basic camping gear advice, primitive fire starting, water purification, basic field first aid 
  • Advanced survival / bushcraft – shelter building, land navigation, hiking, hunting, fishing, small game traps, field dressing and cleaning techniques 
  • Homesteading advice – subsistence agriculture, preservation of water and food techniques
  • Handheld radio communication assistance and HAM advice
  • Firearms safety  – fundamental safety protocol for handling firearms for hunting and self defense 
  • Basic self defense  – Fundamentals of various defensive martial arts 

Much more…..